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LPD Advanced Online Coaching - Hitting

LPD Advanced Online Coaching - Hitting

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Good to Great to Unstoppable 

Take Your Training To Another Level

The advanced remote training membership is built for athletes looking to invest at least 4 days a week

    The advanced remote training membership is built for athletes looking to invest at least 4 days a week

    • Private Slack Channel for unlimited first-class client communication 
    • Custom-built hitting programs using world-class Traq software built by Driveline Baseball
    • Custom weight training programs with built-in strength tracking
    • Custom nutrition tracking to fit your weight gain/loss goals
    • Video breakdowns
    • Athlete goals to provide motivation and accountability

    Equipment Requirements

    • Axe Bat Trainers (End Load/Handle Load set or Long/short set
    • Medicine Ball
    • LPD Swing Speed Trainers
    • Access to a Pitching Machine
    • Bat Sensor (Blast or Diamond Kinetics)

    Optional Equipment 


    Oculus Quest w/ Win Reality Software

    Rapsodo 2.0 Hitting Unit

    Driveline Smash Factor Balls

    Driveline Hitting Plyos

    Swing Speed Radar 

    Limited Availability 

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