The Truth About Bat Speed

The Truth About Bat Speed

The truth about bat speed is this:

The more capacity you have to swing the bat fast, the harder you will hit the ball

If you hit the ball harder you will get more hits from:

Line drives (ideal)
Fly balls

Hitting isn't about finding 1 perfect swing

It's about training the capacity to move the bat fast in competitive environments to hit the ball hard across a season's worth of at-bats

If you do that I PROMISE YOU, your stats will show it


How Can You Develop Bat Speed?

1. Improve your foundational strength

There are 5 main lift benchmarks you should be looking to meet as a baseball player

Barbell Back Squat - 5 reps at 300 lbs or better
Hex Bar Deadlift - 3 reps at 375 lbs
Barbell Bench Press - 5 Reps at 250 lbs
Single Leg Barbell Reverse Lunge - 5 reps at 1.5x body weight
Dumbbell Row - 5 reps at or above 100 pounds

With a deliberate plan to improve these lifts and conistency in the weight room you will reach these benchmarks

2.  Improve your rotational power

Rotational power is the ability to overcome resistance in the shortest period of time leading to the ability to produce higher velocities against a given load.

We train rotational power output with med balls mainly!

With a radar gun and consistency you can build more explosion rotationally

3. Overspeed Training

Supramaximal speed training using Swing Speed trainers involves athletes performing exercises at speeds beyond their maximum rotational capacity

During this type of training, the neurological response plays a crucial role

The nervous system adapts to the intense demands by enhancing motor unit recruitment, synchronization, and firing rate.

This leads to improved muscle coordination, quicker reaction times, and increased force production.

4. Using Weighted Bats

Every peer-reviewed study ever done around weighted bats showed improvement in bat speed.

It's really easy to blend weighted bats into your existing hitting routine with the goal of 100-150 swings per day

Not only do you get the benefits of bat speed but weighted bats are also an excellent tool for building the adaptable feel you need for game performance

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