Want To Make More Contact At The Plate?

Want To Make More Contact At The Plate?

If you go down to a batting cage near you then you will see all sorts of shiny tools and gadgets that are supposed to help hitters get better

The truth is getting better is not that easy

Varying our bats in the cage is a great way to create adaptability in our player's swings

And adaptability matters ALOT when talking about a player's ability to make more solid contact in the game

Using the Lefty Swag Training Bats (LINK) skinny trainers, we get the benefit of overload/underload trainers but we also get the added challenge of hitting the ball solidly with a skinny bat (Hint: it's really hard!)

Ultimately we want our players to be able to:

✅Swing fast
✅Swing with precision
✅Be adaptable
✅Swing at good pitches

No gimmicks. No Fancy Drills. Just Consistent Hitting

If this sounds like something you are interested in too I just launched my online hitting coach program!

It's like having a hitting coach in your pocket!

Enroll (LINK)
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