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Swing Speed Trainer Sticks

Swing Speed Trainer Sticks

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Each set contains 1 end-weighted trainer & 1 handle-weighted trainer

  • Adult Baseball: 36 inches & 27 ounces - Designed for players that swing BBCOR -3 games bats
  • Adult Softball: 36 inches & 18 ounces - Designed for players that swing 32 inch & above game bats in -12, -10, -8 weights

  • Youth Baseball/Softball: 32 inches & 18 ounces - Designed for players that swing -12, -10, -8, -5 youth baseball or softball bats

Are you Robbing Yourself Of Bat Speed When it Matters Most?

In a study done by Montoya, et al. (READ HERE) players that were swinging a heavier bat in the on-deck circle were actually LOSING bat speed during their at-bat!

Swinging an underloaded implement in the on-deck circle should be part of every player's on deck routine

How Do I Use In The On Deck Circle?

Warm up to move fast

By adding our Swing Speed Traininy Sticks to your on deck preparation you are priming your body to move fast when you need it most!

We tell our players:

"Take both sticks into the on-deck circle and rip off 5 swings with each stick as fast as you can in either a game-like swing or a roll in drill (See Example)

"Once you do that grab your bat and start timing up the pitcher"



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