The Reality Of A Freshman Baseball Or Softball Player

The Reality Of A Freshman Baseball Or Softball Player

As incoming freshman baseball players head off to college to take the next step in their baseball journies there are some very real realities that are about to set in.

What can you expect when you step on campus for the first time this fall with your new teammates?

The guys at this level are STRONG!

Incoming freshman players will recognize the need to work on physical strength to compete at this level.

Be amazed by the strength and skill of your fellow players; use it as motivation to improve.

You will have to COMPETE for a spot on the roster, much less playing time

Understand that there are 60 other players in the fall, and the competition is more fierce than it hs ever been for you!

This will be the biggest competition you have faced as a player so far.


Baseball/Softball will be hard, school will be harder

You will have learn to balance academics and baseball as you juggle both responsibilities at a high level and without the help of your parents managing your time for you.

The recruiting honeymoon is over

Embrace the fact that the recruiting process is over, and now it's time to step up your game.

The coach that seemed like your best friend is now going to be pushing you in ways you might not have seen coming.

Embrace the feedback.

Your position room is going to be crowded

Acknowledge that five other guys play your position, some of which might be all-conference players.

You can let this affect you negatively or it can push you to excel even further.


This is an exciting time for players taking the next step in their baseball journies but it won't come without challenges

Embrace them, build lifelong relationships, and don't blink because it will be over before you know it.

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