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12 Inch Plyo Arm Care Ball

12 Inch Plyo Arm Care Ball

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These soft-covered 12 Inch PLYO-Balls are the centerpiece of the Fastpitch Softball Velocity Build Pitching Program.

Mainly used for constraint training at submaximal effort, as well as general arm care, they are not meant for throwing as hard as possible with zero mechanical focus to change.  Rather the point of the PLYO-Ball is to provide a different feel in the hand that removes the proprioceptive connection to a softball, further distancing the athlete from the idea that she has a softball in her hand. Doing this allows for the athlete to focus on the execution of the movement within the drill and less about “throwing a pitch.”  PLYO-Ball drills are the main focus in developing a high-level throwing pattern for the individual athlete.


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