Unleashing the Power: Exploring the Benefits of Driveline Baseball's Smash Factor Balls

Unleashing the Power: Exploring the Benefits of Driveline Baseball's Smash Factor Balls

Driveline Baseball's Smash Factor Balls could be the game-changer you're looking for in your hitting program. As an unbiased party, I can attest that these balls are not only effective but offer a wide range of benefits for both older players (high school and college) and youth academy (ages 7-12) players.

Compared to other "lite flight" balls we tried, the Smash Factor Ball (SFB) has a ball flight that mimics that of an actual baseball when hit out of a machine. This is a major advantage for us during high-speed, game-speed training.

For our older players, the SFB has enabled us to reintroduce visual constraints like eye patches and strobe glasses, as they no longer fear the resulting vibration from a mishit hurting their hands. This has allowed us to reintroduce certain training challenges previously impossible due to negative swing compensations.  Also, we are able to use tool such as our Lefty Swag Skinny Bat Trainers that we were unable to use against high velocity before!  All in all, big wins for our hitters

One of the big drawbacks of training young hitters is how much they slow their swings down during training because of "the sting". For our youth academy (ages 7-12) players the SFB has eliminated the fear of pain associated with mishits, enabling them to swing without slowing down during training due to getting jammed or hitting the ball off the end of the bat. This has enabled us to replicate intent on every swing and get more reps, as hands aren't getting sore from the vibrations of mishits.

With Smash Factor Balls, hitters are encouraged to push boundaries and challenge themselves with higher speeds and nastier breaking pitches, even facing high velo with ease. This translates to a more effective and game-like training program for all players.

In conclusion, implementing Smash Factor Balls into your hitting program is a must, as they are an incredible tool with a wide range of benefits.

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