I Will Always Be a Failed Minor Leaguer Who Never Made It: Advice To My Younger Self

I Will Always Be a Failed Minor Leaguer Who Never Made It: Advice To My Younger Self

I have been on a more than 20 year journey trying to discover what makes players good and how do we develop those qualities?
Partly to answer "what went wrong" with my own journey and share those answers with as many players, coaches, and parents as possible so they don't make the same mistakes, falling short of their potential
I was thinking this morning "What's one thing I would have told my younger self about hitting?"
Here's what I came up with:
Calm down looking for the perfect swing, it's not out there.
Your ability to hit elite pitching will come from designing elite practice environments, not watching more video of yourself.
Make sure you are practicing against time, speeds, & shapes you'll see in the game with a high degree and variability
The practice with time constraints will force you to have to accelerate the bat quickly and the different bats will help you develop the feel you need to square up the ball in a variety of pitch locations
Try to find as many live at bats as you can. You need to compete against top stuff trying to get you out as much as possible
You don't have as much time as you think so attacking the main problem consistently will help you extend your time as a player as long as possible.
You are a good hitter, just calm down and find the right practice settings and you'll be able to get as much as you can get in the game.
Good luck and enjoy the ride.
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