Get Results: Carrying Your Swing From Practice To The Game

Get Results: Carrying Your Swing From Practice To The Game

"He/She hits fine in the cage and has a great swing but can't hit in the game" Sound familiar?

Yeah, me too

This was me in professional baseball and if this is you I am going to give you 4 ideas to help you better prepare for the demands of the game

Problem Number 1: 
Your Swing Isn't Fast Enough

The best hitters on the planet are the most explosive rotational athletes on the planet. You can have a great-looking swing but you need to be able to hit balls hard enough that defenders have a hard time to reacting to them.

Plus you get the added benefit of hitting the ball harder when you miss the sweet spot of the bat. If your mishits play up then you steal a couple base hits a weekend that used to be outs

Problem Number 2: Your Swing isn't adaptable enough

The best hitters on the planet have this unexplainable feel for the barrel in space.

If you have ever watched a game and thought "how in the world did he/she hit that ball?" you are witnessing elite feel for the barrel.

One of your foundational batting practice principles needs to be develop feel for the barrel and adapting to ball flight.  You can do this by using different weighted, balance, length, or diameter bats.  I have written about this before (HERE)

Problem Number 3: Your pitch recognition isn't good

The best players on the planet are typically the best at recognizing strikes and swinging at them.

Swinging at pitches you can't hit in counts you shouldn't swing at them is doom for hitters. Hunt middle/middle fastballs and make sure you can consistently hit them squarely.

One way we train this (besides hitting live pitchers in practice) is by using the VR system from Win Reality.  Win is a great tool to train timing, readiness, and decisions

Problem Number 4: 

Your practice environment isn't representative enough

I see it over and over. Hitters go to the cage, grab the tee, work on their swing, and then they are done.
This isn't it and won't cut it. Inviting higher rates of failure in practice is uncomfortable for hitters but is mandatory in developing the skill of hitting.
This includes Live ABs, machine heaters, mix machine, high speed coach BP, and anything that presents the challenge of timing ball flight with a swing


In conclusion, these four key problem areas are where many players fall short - the speed of their swing, the adaptability of their swing, pitch recognition skills, and the representative nature of their practice environment. By understanding and tackling these problems, a player can drastically improve their in-game performance.

Remember, simply having a good-looking swing isn't enough; it's all about being able to consistently hit balls hard, adapt your swing to the ball's flight, accurately recognize pitches, and effectively time the ball flight with your swing. Finally, never underestimate the importance of creating a practice environment that closely mimics real game scenarios.
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