The Foundations Of Throwing Online Course Released

The Foundations Of Throwing Online Course Released

One of the main questions I get from people that purchase the Spinner is "How do I implement this into my throwing routine?"

This has led me to build the Foundations of Throwing Online course. 

This 1-hour mini-course includes a complete instructional video library that will serve as the foundational guide for establishing a fundamentally sound arm care routine and throwing fitness programs.  Including how we use and implement the Spinner with our in gym athletes

This entry level course is intended for coaches, players, and parents from youth all the way through college.  The short, easy to digest videos will serve as pre requisite to our 6 week foundations of throwing program that is available for download in a PDF at the end of the course.

Two Ways to Enroll

The first way to enroll is purchase enrollment ($99) from my educational website HERE

The second way to enroll is by purchasing any Spinner.  By purchasing a Spinner you will be emailed a 100% off enrollment discount code after your purchase has been completed



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