Black Friday Sales Start November 1

Black Friday Sales Start November 1

Another exciting holiday shopping season is here and I want to help you get the best deals on all of my baseball/softball player performance tools!

Helping players become the best versions of themselves means alot to me and I want to help you outfit your own performance toolbox!


Buy 1 Get 1 Free Spinner Sale

It's been 5 years since I invented the Spinner!

The revolutionary shoulder stabilization tool was the leader in portable stabilization tools and I am happy to bring the buy 1 get one free sale back again for 2023

Not familiary with the tool?

Compared to the body blade or other tools, the Spinner uses 360 degrees of centrifugal motion to challenge the nervous system to recruit more muscles in order to maintain balance and stabilize the shoulder because it generates a wider range of forces.

This results in improved strength, stability, & coordination It’s a game-changer in your arm care routine

Take the 28 Day Spinner Challenge!

Get $20 Off Swing Speed Trainer Sets

Overspeed swing training is gaining lots of traction recently and I couldn't be more excited about it for you

You CAN NOT have a complete bat speed program without supramaximal swings in your program

Supramaximal speed training involves athletes performing exercises at speeds beyond their maximum capacity

During this type of training, the neurological response plays a crucial role.

The nervous system adapts to the intense demands by enhancing motor unit recruitment, synchronization, and firing rate.

This leads to improved muscle coordination, quicker reaction times, and increased force production.

The only problem was that when I used to tell coaches about this type of training the only tools available were over $300 per set!

That is why I built the Swing Speed Stick trainers as an affordable alternative to the overpriced alternative (although they are nice)


Get Additional $10 Off Earn It Cage Hoodies

Earn It

That's our motto

You gotta earn it every single day

You just don't get to hit in the top of the order

You just don't get to start on the mound in the championship

You just don't get to play shortstop

You Have to Earn It


Get $5 in rewards bucks for every $50 spent to put towards your next purchase with us!

Our customer appreciation program rewards those that shop with us with money back on every purchase!

This includes all performance tools, apparel, team caps, and uniforms!

A portion of your purchase will be donated to charity

Giving back is a big part of our business!  We will be donating a portion of every purchase to a select number of charities that mean the most to us!

Your support is appreciated

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