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Swing Speed Trainer Sticks + Radar Bundle

Swing Speed Trainer Sticks + Radar Bundle

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Swing Speed Trainer Specs:

Each set contains 1 end-weighted trainer & 1 handle-weighted trainer

  • Adult Baseball: 36 inches & 27 ounces - Designed for players that swing BBCOR -3 games bats
  • Adult Softball: 36 inches & 18 ounces - Designed for players that swing 32 inch & above game bats in -12, -10, -8 weights

  • Youth Baseball/Softball: 32 inches & 18 ounces - Designed for players that swing -12, -10, -8, -5 youth baseball or softball bats

Swing Speed Radar Specs:

    • Portable Doppler Golf Club and Bat Speed Velocity Calculator. Measures Speed from 20 to 200 MPH, Accurate for All Ages. Great Gift Idea for New, Rookie and Pro Golfers.

    • Calculates clubhead or bat speed within a range of 20 to 200 miles per hour without being attached to your Bat

  • Works With Most Swing Speed Trainers - Works with the Stack System, RypStick, SuperSpeed Stick and other popular swing trainers. Combine this with a trainer, clubs and woods to increase speed and get more yards.

  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included); ideal for both players and coaches/instructors. NOTE: Refer the Manual before use.

  • [Made In USA] - Simple to use and easy to read using the same radar technology that defends our country with the Patriot Missile Defense System and reliable for over 20 years.

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