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Spinner + RebounderPad Arm Care Bundle

Spinner + RebounderPad Arm Care Bundle

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2 Great Arm Care Products in 1 Great Bundle

Proper Arm Care is Important For A Long Journey

A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2013 found that a structured warm-up program significantly reduced the incidence of arm injuries in youth baseball players. The program involved a series of exercises designed to target the muscles and joints used in throwing, including arm circles, elbow curls, and shoulder stretches. Players who completed the program had a 74% reduction in the risk of arm injuries compared to those who did not.

What is A Spinner?

The Spinner is a weighted spinning rhythmic shoulder stabilization tool design to be portable for the baseball or softball player on the go.  The Spinner exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles around your shoulder blade, which are essential for maintaining stability and preventing injuries. By improving the stability of your shoulder joint, you can reduce your risk of injury and improve your overall shoulder health.

It's simple to use!!

First, you will want to remember to keep your arm straight when spinning. You want the movement of the tool to originate from the shoulder. Not the elbow or the wrist

Second, once you get the tool spinning you will want to keep it spinning long enough to sing Happy Birthday 2 times through (30 seconds). Remember, it may be frustrating at first to find a good rhythm with the tool but stick with it and you will find it!

Third, you will want to follow the 3 exercises shown below (reach to the sky, stir the pot, & the clothesline) to maximize strengthening and activation before throwing activity

Lastly, make it fun. Grab a partner and see who can keep it the spin constant the longest before giving out!!

What Is A RebounderPad?

Made from reinforced heavy-duty foam, this compact and light design brings a level of durability and portability to the shoulder force acceptance exercise tool space that hasn't ever existed!

Weighing in at only 10oz. the RebounderPad can be tossed into your bag so that you can do your post-throwing force acceptance exercises on the go for a healthy and stable shoulder for all overhead-throwing athletes!

Why is the Rebounder Important?

  1. Injury prevention: By strengthening the muscles and tissues in the shoulder region, individuals are less likely to suffer from injuries such as strains or sprains. This is especially important for athletes who rely on their shoulders to perform at a high level.

  2. Improved performance: Stronger shoulder muscles and tissues can lead to improved performance in activities such as lifting, throwing, and overhead movements. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes looking to improve their athletic abilities.

  3. Rehabilitation: Shoulder force acceptance exercises can also be an important part of the rehabilitation process for individuals who have suffered from a shoulder injury. These exercises can help to restore strength and mobility to the shoulder, allowing the individual to return to their previous level of activity.

It's Simple To Use

1. Take your favorite Driveline Baseball plyo in your throwing hand
2. Throw the ball down with moderate effort into the center of the pad
3. The ball will hit the pad & rebound back up
4. With a stiff/rigid throwing arm catch & stick the ball where you released the throw into the pad

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