Spinner Buyers Guide

Spinner Buyers Guide

What is the Spinner?

The Spinner is a spinning rhythmic shoulder stabilization warm up tool designed for baseball and softball throwers.

By methodically taking the Spinner through a series of exercises you are increasing blood flow into the shoulder as well as preparing the arm for the range of motion and stability required to throw a ball.

Why Should I Use The Spinner?

Think of the Spinner like throwing vitamins.  You always wished you had taken them when it's already too late.

Warming up properly will help you take active precautions against arm injuries that will keep you out off competition.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Which Spinner Should I Buy?

We recommend first time users buy the original or the junior original

If your fingertip to elbow length measures 12 inches or less, the JR. Spinner is recommended.

For more advanced users looking for a greater challenge we recommend the Pro or Heavy model

How do I use the Spinner?

The Spinner 10 exercise routine can be found below

Remember if you aren't good at the exercises in the beginning stay with it.  

You will improve



When Should I Use the Spinner?

The Spinner should be used before any throwing or overhead activity.

This can include baseball, softball, football, or volleyball overhead movements.

It is an excellent companion to a band, wrist weight, or Plyo weighted ball warm up routine.


Who Is Using The Spinner?

The Spinner is used by players of all ages at all levels of baseball/softball from the major leagues, colleges, all the way down to youth fields.


Love it or Return it

We are so confident you will love The Spinner as your go to warm up tool we back every on with a love it or return it guarantee.  We will ship you a return label in the box.  If you don't like it, send it back for free and get a full refund.  No questions asked


Every Spinner is backed by a 1 year parts breakage warranty with no questions asked

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