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LPD 4 Week On Ramp Velocity Build Online Training

LPD 4 Week On Ramp Velocity Build Online Training

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Be Healthier | Throw the ball HARDER

The LPD 4 Week Online Velocity Build On-Ramp Program is the foundational program for all of our in gym and remote athletes.  

What does this program include?

- 4 weeks of custom-built throwing programs us Traq Software by Driveline Baseball

- Full pre and post-throwing arm care routines

- Custom drill design based on the individual needs of the athlete

- Custom-built long toss programs based on the space available to the athlete

- All Throwing Programs come with Pulse Arm Speed recommendations

- Private Slack Channel for unlimited client communication 

Who is this Program For?

The On-Ramp Program can be done by any baseball or softball player ages 10 and up.  We custom-build all programming based on the size and experience of the player.  You can never get started too early in establishing healthy throwing habits

Throwing programs can be customized to pitchers, as well as position players of all positions

How much will I be throwing?

Athletes enrolling in any of our throwing programs need to be prepared to throw at least 3 days a week although 5/6 is recommended

What equipment will I need?

  • Driveline Plyocare Balls
  • Driveline Pulse Sensor
  • Warm Up Bands (Marv of Jaeger)
  • Spinner Arm Care Tool
  • Rebounder (Driveline Trampoline or LPD Pad)
  • Access to a Plyocare Wall or Net to throw into



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